“Displaced” Displaced tells the story of moving to university and adjusting to student life. It explores the alienation, but also the great friendships of University life.

A Living Memory

“A Living Memory” A film set on West Sands, St Andrews, which questions the differences between men and war, boys and their games.

Play Pause

A shy girl discovers a mysterious app on her iPhone allowing her to pause time. Will her new found ability work for or against her?


“1999” The Filmmakers’ Society of St Andrews presents: “1999”, a short film Written by Larissa Shipton and Directed by Emilio Elia. The film is about a man who makes a strange friend in his confusing dreams, revealing clues about a missing dog. The film is an official selection at the St Andrews Film Festival 2018 … Read more

The Perfect Story

THE PERFECT STORY is a short film asking why we write stories. How do the stories we invent reflect, and affect, our own lives and realities?